New Resources

2018-02-16 - The PBL for the Next Generation conference is currently underway. The conference is organized by Santa Clara University. NEW!

2018-02-15 - Teach Thought has published an article by Jennifer Rita Nichols which describes ten practical ideas for project-based learning at the K-12 level. NEW!

2018-01-15 - Applications are invited from post-secondary educators interested in attending the 2018 Institute on Project-based Learning at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute. NEW!

2017-12-27 - An article by EdSurge, contrasts the differences between project-based learning and challenge-based learning.

2017-12-11 - The Michigan State University School of Journalism has published an article by Alexa Seeger, a journalism student, on project-based learning.

2017-12 - The Project Management Educational Foundation has published a new book on project management strategies applied to project-based learning.

2017-12 - Santa Clara University is organizing an International Conference on Active and Project-based Learning for February 2018.

2017-11 - The Australian College of Kuwait is hosting a project-based learning symposium in March 2018.

2017-11 - Check out how Maastricht University conceptualizes problem-based learning at their university website. Also check out the Problem-based Learning Academy website at Aalborg University in Denmark which publishes the Journal of Problem-based Learning in Higher Education.

2017-11 - Mahbub Hasan, a PhD student at the University of Queensland, has drafted a presentation titled, “University students’ approaches to project-based learning (PBL): An Engineering context”

2017-10-02 - Education Week has published an article by Jeff Heyck-Williams which focuses on best practices for choosing project topics.

2017-09-28 - CNN has published an article about project-based learning which asks “Are these the schools of the future?”

2017-09-23 - Check out the resources at The Centre for Project Based Learning in the Curriculum and Instruction Department at Sam Houston State University.

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New Monograph

Monograph No. 9
Implementing Project-based Learning through University Curriculum
by Ryanne Dailey

New Research

Ozdamli, Fezile and Turan, Burcu. (2017). Effects of a technology supported project-based learning (TS-PBL) approach on the success of a mobile application development course and the students' opinions. TEM Journal, 6(2), 258-264.

New Video

Roger Williams University Talks About the Impact of WPI’s 2015 Institute on Project-based Learning

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