New Resources

2019-05-23 - In an article for TES, Marc Smith summarizes two new research studies related to project-based learning. NEW!

2019-05-19 - TeachThought has published a list of 30 apps for project-based learning. NEW!

2019-05-11 - Check out, a website devoted to project-based learning. NEW!

2019-04-26 - The Centre for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition will be hosting an Exploring Project-based Learning summer institute on July 22-26, 2019. NEW!

2019-04-21 - Health Professions Education has published a 50 years retrospective on problem-based learning at McMaster University. NEW!

2019-04-15 - Check out the project-based learning resources at Getting Smart.

2019-03-10 - The Buck Institute for Education will be hosting PBL World 2019 on June 18-20.

2019-03-06 - Read the interview with Professor Nell Duke titled “Do Standards and Project-based Learning Go Hand in Hand?”

2019-02-18 - The NWS Government in Australia has published an article titled, “Finding Inspiration for Project-based Learning Projects”.

2019-02-05 - Stanford University has republished a Currents in Teaching and Learning review of the book, “Hacking Project-based Learning: 10 Easy Steps to PBL and Inquiry in the Classroom” by Ross Copper and Erin Murphy.

2019-01-09 - More and more universities, such as California State University - Fresno, are highlighting the pedagogical benefits of project-based learning.

2018-11-15 - Sam Houston University has published an article titled, “Project-based Learning in Higher Education”.

2018-11-01 - CNN has published an article which references project-based learning.

2018-10-01 - The academic journal Currents in Teaching and Learning has published a special issue on project-based learning.

2018-10-01 - Lauren Faggella has published an article on how Summitt Learning approaches project-based learning curriculum development.

2018-09-25 - Erik M. Francis has published a blog entry which explores the debate between projects vs project based learning.

2018-06-13 - The University of Indianapolis and Columbus Signature High School are collaborating on two four-day PBL workshops that are scheduled for June 25-28, 2018.

2018-06-12 - The most recent issue of The Interdisciplinary Journal of Problem-based Learning has been published.

2018-05-09 - The Buck Institute for Education invites applications for a new TEP/district partner to join an an existing teacher preparation project-based learning initiative.

2018-04-15 - Learn more about the Project-based Learning Certificate Program which is offered by the School of Education at the University of Pennsylvania.

2018-04-05 - A U.S. News article by Lauren Camera focuses on the connections between project-based learning and STEM education.

2018-03-16 - McMaster University is launching a unique online project-based learning course in partnership with Riipen.

2018-02-16 - The PBL for the Next Generation conference is currently underway. The conference is organized by Santa Clara University.

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Monograph No. 12
A Better Lesson Begins (and Ends) with Language
by Wendy Farr, Sarah Saltmarsh, and Stephanie Lund

Monograph No. 11
Building Cross-Campus Collaborations Around Digital Pedagogy
by Mary Chaktsiris and Julia Hendry

New Research

Ozdamli, Fezile and Turan, Burcu. (2017). Effects of a technology supported project-based learning (TS-PBL) approach on the success of a mobile application development course and the students' opinions. TEM Journal, 6(2), 258-264.

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Project vs. Problem-based Learning

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